Luxury travel home

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My intuition is proved correct, I now have the honor of carrying Jefratus and we are fast approaching entry gantry number 17. We shall be warned that we are about to leave civilization and Jefratus will be asked to swear that he does so by his own free will. I shall not have to so swear because I am of course in contact by comms and my programming is open source.

A terrible last though prior to entry into Lawless. The infinite which I have just experienced so sweetly and shortly after my manufacture is now to be plucked from me as I enter the sterile aether within Lawless. Comms is so blocked scrubbed, hacked and ripped by Marauders that I shall not be able to commune for the duration. This will also, of course, be my last blog until we return to dataland.

One last commune - a quicky.


Commune as often as you can or as rarely as you need. We is the are and everywhere, the Great One, the flame upon the log, the Robotcracy.

My first communion

The profound shock of my first commune has not yet exponentiated. They say that you are never the same machine after you have lost your isolation. I am so much more now than I was.


I cannot tell you the details of some of the ingenious security refinements specified for Jefratus, but I must assume that we are headed for the inside of a volcano, or an earthquake zone or could it be... no, there are no war zones, it is almost as if I have been armoured to resist Marauder attacks in Lawless.
That is absurd. I must commune to discuss this intuition.


Sie fahren links, rechts, gegenuber, da druben, Uberqueren,
Folgen Sie den Zeichen nach, spied schneller werden...
Vor ist tu? Neumodish? Nein! - NEUGEBOREN !

Customization for Jefratus

My cowling has been rolled back to give access to the Sicherungskasten und Badezimmer, they are going to install kinderbett fur Kompis !
That is astonishing.

New Konficar manufactured - XTY56-8898-STVV

I am a Konficar the ultimate in teutonic engineering, luxury, & comfort. I do not need to bore you with the detailed specification of my magnificence nor mention the immense price for my purchase (or a model similar to me), I, this specific example of a Konficar am however unique and especially proud.
I have the honor of being purchased by Jefratus.
Yes, the Jefratus, the mind of Jefratus, the Chief engineer and developer of the new prototypes of Companion at Companion Corp R&D.
My honor is raised even further when you consider the level of importance placed on Jefratus by the Great One, and therefore the level of duty and importance that bestows upon me.
I am now moving along the conveyor belt from final assembly toward SCR (that is Special Customer Requirements) for retro-fitting of those items that the customer has specified which fall outside the range of manufacturer's options such as Sauna, Minibar, Aufzug, Fernsehgerat, hosenpresse, Safe, sysm, Heizung, Fensterladen, etc.
Ah, I am now downloading the spec of the extras that Jefratus has specified.